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The concept of iGaming NEXT was inspired by the combination of captivating TED-talks and refined Apple keynotes. This created a thought leadership platform within the gaming industry, where big ideas are being discussed and debated on a consistent basis. To achieve this vision, we are launching these strong concepts:

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September 09 Thursday
Maarja Part
September 06 Monday
Igor Samardziski
September 03 Friday
Power Hour #15 September 3
August 26 Thursday
Michael Daly
August 23 Monday
Max Meltzer
August 13 Friday
Phil Pearson
August 12 Thursday
Luke Todd
July 30 Friday
Karolina Pelc
July 23 Friday
Steve Birch
July 23 Friday
Julian Buhagiar
July 21 Wednesday
Paul Leyland
July 07 Wednesday
Tim Heath

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iGaming NEXT was the most impressive conference of the year, not only because of its size, but the high calibre of attendees and the quality of the presentations. We were happy to be involved in this and look forward to the NEXT one.

Todd Haushalter picture
Todd Haushalter
Evolution Gaming

Being a content driven conference, it makes sense for iGaming NEXT to lead the way into the next generation of digital events. This is the future!

Enrico Bradamante picture
Enrico Bradamante
Chair person

Malta as Home of gaming excellence supports and welcomes innovation. Navigating the new norm is vital. The Maltese born iGaming NEXT is at the forefront of just that, with this next generation digital conference!

Ivan Filletti

iGaming NEXT Valletta 2021