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The concept of iGaming NEXT was inspired by the combination of captivating TED-talks and refined Apple keynotes. This created a thought leadership platform within the gaming industry, where big ideas are being discussed and debated on a consistent basis. To achieve this vision, we are launching these strong concepts:

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April 09 Friday
Power Hour #12 April 9
April 06 Tuesday
Gustaf Hagman & Robin Ramm – Erricson
April 05 Monday
Daniel Graetzer
March 26 Friday
Nico Jansen
March 25 Thursday
Ken Weary
March 19 Friday
James King
March 18 Thursday
James King
March 11 Thursday
Andy Fahey
March 05 Friday
Power Hour #11 Mar 5
March 03 Wednesday
Rafi Ashkenazi
February 26 Friday
Ben Clemes
February 24 Wednesday
Robert Andersson
February 16 Tuesday
Sergey Portnov
February 15 Monday
The imminent disruption of the sports betting market | Björn Nilsson
February 11 Thursday
Oisin Lunny
February 10 Wednesday
Paris Smith
February 09 Tuesday
Ulrik Bengtsson
February 05 Friday
Power Hour #10 Feb 5
February 04 Thursday
Todd Haushalter
February 03 Wednesday
Kresimir Spajic
January 29 Friday
David Flynn
January 20 Wednesday
Jesper Kärrbrink
January 15 Friday
Power Hour #9 Jan 15
January 13 Wednesday
Robin Eirik Reed
December 21 Monday
Manuel Stan
December 16 Wednesday
Phil Pearson
December 09 Wednesday
Tim Heath
December 04 Friday
Power Hour #8 Dec 4
December 02 Wednesday
Boris Chaikin
November 27 Friday
Jesper Svensson
November 19 Thursday
Allan Stone
November 10 Tuesday
iGaming NEXT ONLINE: Adventure of Change
November 06 Friday
POWER Hour #7 Nov 6
November 04 Wednesday
Behind the scenes insights | Rickard Viktsröm
October 30 Friday
Matthew Shaddick
October 26 Monday
Pontus Lindwall
October 23 Friday
The success story of Regily | Kristoffer Cassel
October 16 Friday
iGaming industry’s past, present, and future | Georg Westin
October 13 Tuesday
Adapt or die | Simon Lidzén
October 07 Wednesday
Offices are becoming obsolete, the future is global remote work | Oskar Mühlbach
October 02 Friday
POWER Hour #6 Oct 2
September 29 Tuesday
COVID-19 – The death of land-based casinos? | James King
September 25 Friday
Venture Capitalist, Real Estate Developer, Founder of Ayre Group, and CoinGeek | Calvin Ayre
September 23 Wednesday
Is there a future for iGaming events? | Eman Pulis
September 15 Tuesday
Advantages and disadvantages Svenska Spel has as a state-run operator | Petra Blixt
September 11 Friday
Player reactivation secrets & fun facts | Mikael Hansson
September 04 Friday
POWER Hour #5 Sep 04
September 01 Tuesday
Improving your public speaking | Alexander Grabner Jarlung
August 25 Tuesday
Event-Based Sales or Online Sales Deliver Better Leads and ROI? | Martin Collins
August 18 Tuesday
Current global regulatory landscape | Martin Lycka
August 06 Thursday
Growth marketing brain droppings | Scott Dodson
July 24 Friday
POWER Hour #4 Jul 24
July 22 Wednesday
2020 Innovation Game Changers | Sam Brown
July 17 Friday
POWER Hour #3 Jul 17
July 14 Tuesday
How streamer services market themselves in comparison to the igaming industry? | James Marshall
July 10 Friday
POWER Hour #2 Jul 10
July 09 Thursday
The future is bright | Jesper Kärrbrink
July 03 Friday
POWER Hour #1 Jul 03
June 30 Tuesday
Safe and responsible online gambling offering in the Netherlands | Peter-Paul de Goeij
June 23 Tuesday
To return or not return to the office? | Heidi Lofthus
June 16 Tuesday
Innovate or die | Todd Haushalter
June 11 Thursday
Regulation in Norway | Carl Fredrik Stenstrom
May 26 Tuesday
Swedish online gambling regulation outlook | Gustaf Hoffstedt
May 26 Tuesday
The future of iGaming in Malta | Ivan Filletti
May 19 Tuesday
The future of AI in iGaming | Angelo Dalli
April 29 Wednesday
Channelisation in the Swedish market | Jesper Svensson
April 27 Monday
How do you keep a work-life balance as a CEO of a multi million EUR company? | Robin Eirik Reed
April 24 Friday
What the future holds for our industry considering the current climate? | Robert Andersson
April 22 Wednesday
If money can make you happy? | Erik Bergman
April 15 Wednesday
COVID-19 and the future implications on the iGaming industry | Enrico Bradamante

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iGaming NEXT was the most impressive conference of the year, not only because of its size, but the high calibre of attendees and the quality of the presentations. We were happy to be involved in this and look forward to the NEXT one.

Todd Haushalter picture
Todd Haushalter
Evolution Gaming

Being a content driven conference, it makes sense for iGaming NEXT to lead the way into the next generation of digital events. This is the future!

Enrico Bradamante picture
Enrico Bradamante
Chair person

Malta as Home of gaming excellence supports and welcomes innovation. Navigating the new norm is vital. The Maltese born iGaming NEXT is at the forefront of just that, with this next generation digital conference!

Ivan Filletti

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