iGaming NEXT

With more than 25 years combined iGaming industry experience, Pierre & Martin founded iGaming NEXT with the purpose to help connect and push the industry forward by promoting thought leadership and knowledge sharing. These values are infused into the iGaming NEXT organisation with the vision statement to be a positive force for the iGaming industry, and we are proud to be working with some of the most creative and passionate people within the industry to make it happen.

The Team

Pierre Lindh

Co-Founder / Managing Director

+356 7973 3473 pierre@igamingnext.com
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Martin Pettersson

Co-Founder / Head of Sales

+356 7995 9561 martin@igamingnext.com
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Gerda Meltti

Head of Operations

+356 7936 2100 gerda@igamingnext.com
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Anoosha Iftikhar

Project Partnership Manager

+356 9957 9244 anoosha@igamingnext.com
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Rory Credland

Head of Insights and Intelligence

+44 (0)7306 105329 rory@igamingnext.com
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Ana Maria Hitzfitz

Head of Finance & HR

+356 7722 2039 ana@igamingnext.com
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Gabija Jasineviciute

Junior Event Manager

+356 99 350 309 gabi@igamingnext.com
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Chris Dahl

Marketing Director

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Nicolas Jonasson

Head of Marketing

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David Caddie

Senior Event Manager

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Rhys Jones

Business Development Manager

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Neil Judson

Sales Director

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Heidi Lofthus

Project Director, HR Connect

+356 9977 2162 heidi@igamingnext.com
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Jake Evans

Managing Editor

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