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Betr has secured an exclusive partnership with the Cavinder Twins, a pair of high-flying and high-profile social media and US college sports stars.

The 22-year-old sisters shot to fame as basketball players for the Miami Hurricanes but have decided to call time on their tenure at Miami to pursue other fame and business ventures.

The twins have amassed more than 4.5 million followers on TikTok and present the Twin Talk podcast on iHeartRadio.

That podcast will now head exclusively to Betr’s media division as part of a deal which also sees the Cavinder twins join up as equity partners, content creators and creative directors.

A Betr statement said the twins would become “foundational on-camera talent” for the company while helping to create female-centric sports and betting content.

Betr was co-founded and launched as a US online sports betting disruptor in August 2022 by Simplebet founder Joey Levy and social media personality Jake Paul.

Betr Media, which acts as a marketing subdivision for the sportsbook, has already generated more than 900 million impressions and 50 million engagements across its social channels.

In March, Levy told iGaming NEXT that Betr wanted to “incubate” the next dozen Jake Pauls. The Cavinder Twins joining ranks is arguably the first evidence of that strategy.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Cavinder Twins, who have already accomplished so much and are just scratching the surface of their potential,” said Levy in a press release.

Cavinder Twins agent Jeff Hoffman on the partnership with Betr: “It’s like adding jet fuel to an already burning fire.”

Levy said the company plans to leverage the rapidly growing Jake Paul and Betr Media audiences to make emerging talent even more famous, while also providing content development, production and media sales support.

“Betr Media’s objective is to attract, enhance, and amplify the next wave of generational content creators, and this partnership is a testament to that approach,” he added.

In April, the twins announced they would forgo their final year of college sports eligibility to explore other options, including a potential career in WWE.

Their agent Jeff Hoffman said Betr provided the perfect opportunity to grow the Cavinder Twins brand. “It’s like adding jet fuel to an already burning fire,” he added.

“With Betr’s media savvy, the explosion of female sports and Betr’s disruptive behaviour in gambling, it became a question of how far can we go and where do we sign?”