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Betsson Group has introduced a new global marketing concept that focuses on the excitement of betting over the prospect of big wins.

Titled A bet makes the difference, the new commercials represent Betsson’s most ambitious production to date and were primarily developed in-house.

They will initially roll out in more than 10 European and Latin American countries.

The company’s flagship brand Betsson has recently experienced substantial growth, particularly in Latam.

This summer, it became the main sponsor for the revered football club Boca Juniors in Argentina.

Moreover, in Q2 2023, nearly 22% of group revenue originated from Latam.

Betsson Group CEO Jesper Svensson said: “As we expand our presence across various markets, we have established an in-house international creative hub.

“I am really excited to unveil our most ambitious commercial yet, solidifying Betsson as the most exciting brand in the industry,” he added.

A new message

Betsson’s new concept highlights the inherent excitement of betting rather than fixating solely on winnings.

Betsson’s global brand director Kay Höök explained: “While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement.

“While many other betting companies focus on big, quick wins, our emphasis lies in cherishing the excitement itself and the heightened entertainment that a bet provides.”

To reinforce this message, the commercials depict how an ordinary and unremarkable match transforms into an extraordinary and exhilarating experience when an individual in the audience places a bet.

Directed by the award-winning Rodrigo Saavedra, the film unfolds in a dramatically charged environment akin to a global lifestyle brand.

Even for casino-related activities, the commercial strives to spotlight the entertainment value of betting, rather than the more conventional emphasis on winning moments.

“Our goal is to enhance the entertainment value and intensify the excitement for our customers,” Höök further elaborated.

“While potential winnings remain a possibility, we don’t want the prospect of winning to define our communication.

“Our message is that when you gamble responsibly, you will enjoy the excitement even if you don’t win,” he concluded.

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