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DAZN Bet – the joint venture sportsbook between Pragmatic Group and sports streaming service DAZN – has been awarded a licence to operate in Germany.

The operator is now live in the country following previous launches in Italy, Spain and the UK.

DAZN was established in 2015, while former Entain boss Shay Segev was appointed CEO of the company in January 2022.

He was tasked with disrupting and improving the experience of watching live sport, which is the core product offered by DAZN via subscription service.

The DAZN Bet product was unveiled in April of last year as the business sought to combine sports streaming and sports betting to appeal to a broader, more recreational demographic.  

At the time, Segev said the product would develop over the next few years into a “fun, convenient and integrated” experience for casual bettors to enjoy.

DAZN Bet will be integrated and promoted on the DAZN platform from mid-September, according to the company, while DAZN will soon offer its subscribers access to DAZN Bet content via its website and app.

A separate DAZN Bet account will be required to take advantage of any betting offers, however.

DAZN Bet DACH MD Gabriel Vollmann said: “DAZN Bet is an offer to DAZN users and people interested in sports betting to immerse themselves in a new kind of sports experience.

“The close cooperation with the German authorities and the brand partnership with DAZN reflect our commitment to be a safe provider in a regulated market where the player’s enjoyment is at the centre,” he added.

Germany marks the fourth new market launch for DAZN Bet over the last 13 months.

DAZN Bet CEO Mark Kemp said: “Going live in another market further cements DAZN Bet’s strategy of establishing an integrated brand and advertising partnership between DAZN and DAZN Bet in DAZN’s major global markets.

“Customers in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany can take advantage of unique benefits simply by choosing to watch with DAZN and bet with DAZN Bet,” he added.

DAZN Bet is the latest provider on the German whitelist for sports betting operators after being approved by the regulator (GGL).

The sportsbook will feature self-regulatory tools, clear information on safe betting, as well as the latest technology to detect and address problem gambling behaviour.

DAZN Bet’s player account management system (PAM) is provided by Pragmatic Solutions.

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