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Evolution has unveiled its biggest new game show since Crazy Time with the launch of 1970s-inspired and disco-themed Funky Time.

The title has gone live this week after being unveiled at ICE London in February, where CPO Todd Haushalter promised a “more volatile” playing experience with the potential for higher payouts.

The online game with live presenter is designed to celebrate the iconic disco era with a retro club dancefloor and funky beats, while players can accumulate multipliers in all phases of the game.

The game is centred on a spinning DigiWheel, the rotating HD digital gaming wheel acquired by Evolution in 2021.

The wheel generates numerous random multipliers per round, which can further multiply winnings on either numbers, letters or bonus games.

The 64 segments on the wheel, which spell out the words PLAY, FUNK and TIME, offer different ways to win and progress in the game.

If players land on a bonus segment, they will proceed to one of four unique bonus games; Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco, in which multipliers are guaranteed.

“We have created most of the top 10 new games of the last five years, many of which are our live game shows, and we’re confident that Funky Time will achieve similar success,” said Haushalter.

“When I first saw the DigiWheel, a big vertical revolving wheel with an electronic LED centre, I knew there was a great game show to be built around it.

“Then the team and I started brainstorming what that game could be, and we knew we were onto something very special with Funky Time,” he added.

Nearly 100 people were involved in the development of the game, which has been described as the “most expensive and complex game” ever created by the company.

The Funky Time product was in development for the best part of 20 months, whereas most gameshows take around nine months to develop.

“I hope players enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it,” added Haushalter.

In an exclusive interview with iGaming NEXT, the experienced CPO revealed that expectations were extremely high for Funky Time.

“I am dreaming that on the first day, something like 4,000 or 5,000 concurrent players will take part right out of the gate,” he said at the time. “If that happens, it will beat any previous record by around five times.”

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