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Gambling.com Group has launched its new domain, casinos.com, amid long-term plans to also offer affiliate marketing for land-based casinos.

The new website, which the group described as “the single most desirable domain name in the industry”, operates under the same business model as gambling.com and the group’s other online gambling information portals.

Nasdaq-listed Gambling.com Group acquired the domain name in late 2022 from Caesars Entertainment.

Although the domain was originally registered in 1994, this is the first time a full-service website has been launched with the casinos.com domain name.

A new brand

Gambling.com Group CEO Charles Gillespie said: “The addition of casinos.com to our leading brand portfolio affords us the opportunity to build a new powerhouse international flagship brand alongside gambling.com, as we leverage our existing teams, technology and expertise.”

Gillespie also explained that when the company rebuilt gambling.com in 2011, they had to start from scratch and build all the necessary technology systems.

“With casinos.com, we were able to leverage our mature platform and start with a focus directly on our users and the casinos.com product.

“It is a transformational initiative and strategic priority that we believe will drive significant organic growth as we position casinos.com as the category-defining brand for the global casino market,” he added.

To populate casinos.com, the business integrated content from sister websites CasinoSource and SlotSource, both of which have been retired and closed.

Alongside casino reviews and bonuses, casinos.com also features resources on how to play certain casino games, as well as a dedicated section for free-to-play games.

Big plans

The company’s initial focus will be on delivering and optimising its proven digital business model for casinos.com.

Gillespie already announced that he expects the new domain to surpass the value of flagship site gambling.com.

As the digital business achieves scale in the coming years, the company plans to expand the casinos.com offering to support players in their exploration, identification and interaction with land-based casinos.

However, in a recent Breakfast with NEXT interview, Gillespie admitted that this achievement will not happen overnight.

However, he emphasised that the focused nature of casinos.com sets it apart from the group’s flagship domain gambling.com.

Moreover, Gillespie added: “We have always considered the possibility of expanding into different business models beyond online gambling affiliation, such as travel affiliation, which is a huge industry.

“While it won’t happen soon, we see a clearer path to growth beyond pure gambling affiliation with casinos.com compared to gambling.com.”