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With the ability to transform slots for the greater good, Playson CTO Oleksii Mylotskii explores whether we will we see various forms of AI making a seismic impact with the industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a major talking point within the wider industry. We are seeing it used more frequently and a question that keeps cropping up is whether the assistance of AI can push slots into a new era. My belief on this is that it absolutely can.

Already, there are two forms of AI that are supporting slot development – Generative and Predictive.

The Generative side of AI is key when it comes to supporting the design, sound and text production and translation phases of game development, and this is where I believe AI will make the biggest difference in terms of being able to put its indelible mark into iGaming forever.

AI has already reached a level when it can have a significant impact on slot creation, just by simply injecting sound snippets into the flow of the slot, coming up with ideas for themes, symbols and combinations and generating a list of game names and ideas for symbols.

Predictive AI is powerful from an analytical perspective and looks at how titles are performing within each region, an important tool which benefits us by being able to research where different games are enjoying success in a certain jurisdiction.

AI will be able to allow providers and their portfolios to stand out from the crowd and casino lobbies. This is not something that will be a flash in the pan – AI is here to stay because it will provide numerous ways to deliver games that will stand the test of time across all markets.

The end for human slot creators?

While there might be concern at companies that AI could be the beginning of the end of a human workforce, I feel that AI is more likely to provide a transformation phase for industries.

It will definitely push employees and companies to review their roles and optimise processes keeping in mind new technologies and tools provided by AI.

Will it be the end? It depends on the human workforce. If people stop developing themselves, they can appear to be irrelevant to the tasks which can be done faster and more efficiently by technology.

However, if people weaponise their usual tasks with AI, and can shift biased limits, they will push the boundaries, and I believe that it will create new roles which will include AI as an essential component.

AI is a push for humanity, and we are at the stage where we should push our improvements to the next level, integrate continuous self-development combined with new technologies, and shift the paradigm to the human workforce 2.0.

What the future holds

In terms of predicting AI’s presence five years from now, all I can say is that humanity already lives at a high pace, and a huge amount of information that is impossible to digest is often not even possible to cover.

Personalisation of the information and experience was always a challenge. We were always in the situation of time being of the essence for real inventions.

Now, I can see AI as the push and shift, as a solution which will free humanity from the bulky, routine tasks.

Eventually, AI will increase the pace of innovations and personalisation, providing us time in which we can be spontaneous and creative, having more energy to do something crazy which nobody believes in, and pushing the next transformation after AI age.

We must be prepared to push the limits.

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