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iGaming NEXT: Learn the tech, experiment, accept failure, go on

iGaming NEXT: Learn the tech, experiment, accept failure, go on

The inaugural iGaming NEXT takes the plethora of gaming events and conferences available all-year round to the next level.

Delivering high-caliber speakers with experience working with and for the world’s tech giants Microsoft, Amazon and Shazam and leading iGaming companies, NEXT aimed to be a content-focused conference providing key insights on how to practically navigate the business, and what lies in its future.

“We think it’s really important that we have these influences outside the industry, who can drive the industry forward” said Pierre Lindh, iGaming NEXT co-founder.

Key takeaways

Technology and innovation will continue to drive iGaming’s growth. Companies should start learning and understanding the technology, experiment with it and see what works. If it fails, accept it, learn and move on from the experience. Try again.

iGaming businesses, however, don’t have to develop the technology and create their own platforms. In fact, leading tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have already established relationship with the industry and have worked on iGaming projects. And this is only the beginning in potentially creating the next product that will disrupt the iGaming space.

Evolution Gaming’s Todd Haushaulter, who received a standing ovation after his talk on the “Future of Gaming and Who’s Going to Win?” reminded the crowd about the iGaming products that disrupted the industry. For him, the future is not guaranteed. However, creating disruptive products will bring in new market to the ecosystem, saying, “If we all make a great stuff, then all of us will win.”

Haushaulter also shared with that the future of iGaming is going to be “hypercompetitive.”

Another keynote speaker, Shazam co-founder Dhiraj Mukherjee, shared the same belief on creating fantastic products. In an interview with, Mukherjee explained how entertainment is evolving and the future lies in product that gives positive impact in the society.

According to Senior Engineer Karl Davies-Barrett, Microsoft has invested on people to work with iGaming to grow the relationship between the tech giant and the industry. For him, having a face is important than depending on tech to deal with clients.

He also shared in an interview with valuable learning he had for more than a decade working with Microsoft.

“One thing I learned very quickly is that if you have a close mindset, you won’t learn,” Davies-Barrett shared. He added that with a growth mindset is the ability to accept failure.

“The whole point is not fail. The whole point is to try things,” he explained, “If you stand still in this industry, you are eradicated pretty quickly.”