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After Spain took home the trophy at the FIFA Women’s World Cup last week, sportsbook supplier Kambi has revealed a variety of data on betting activity around the tournament.

The key facts and figures are presented below, in partnership with iGaming NEXT.

Betting volume

Betting turnover during the event was 93% higher than on the UEFA European Women’s Championship (Euro) 2022, which concluded last July.

In the Women’s World Cup, 58% of bets were placed pre-match, with 42% of bets being placed in-play.

By way of comparison, the Men’s World Cup in 2022 saw 70% of bets placed pre-match and 30% in-play.

Most popular bets – pre-match

Of all pre-match betting, bets on the full time result were by far the most popular, with 36% of pre-match turnover placed on that market.

Bets on the total number of goals were the next most popular, accounting for 13% of turnover. 

Bets on total corners and double chance bets – which allow bettors to bet on one team to win plus a draw, or on either team to win without a draw – each accounted for 4% of betting turnover.

Asian handicap bets – where teams are handicapped according to their form – accounted for 3% of pre-match betting turnover, as did bets on the team to go through, both teams to score and total goals in the match’s first half.

Bets on total goals by home team and total goals by away team each accounted for 2% of betting volume.

Most popular bets – in-play

Many of the same bets appear on the lists of most popular bets for both pre-match and in-play betting.

Total goals and full time result remained the two most popular bet types in-play, with 22% and 18% of turnover, respectively.

Total corners also remained the third most popular bet, albeit accounting for a higher percentage of betting volume in-play than pre-match, at 7%.

Bets on the total number of goals during the first half generated 6% of in-play betting turnover, while bets on the total goals in a given two-minute period accounted for a further 4%.

Bets on the next goal, team to go through, and total corners by both the home team and away team all brought in 3% of in-play betting turnover each.

Total goals by the home team was the 10th most popular in-play bet, generating 2% of turnover.

Most popular matches and players

Of the top 10 matches by turnover, the final between Spain and England was the most popular by betting volume, followed by the semi-final between England and Australia.

England’s quarter final versus Colombia was the third most popular match, while Colombia and Jamaica’s face off in the Round of 16 was fourth.

Other popular matches included the semi-final between Spain and Sweden, and the subsequent match for third place between Sweden and Australia after both lost their respective semi-finals.

Towards the bottom of the top 10 most popular matches by betting volume were Japan and Sweden’s quarter final, Round of 16 matches between France and Morocco, and Sweden and the USA, as well as the USA versus Vietnam in the tournament’s group stages.

Of the most popular players to bet on, three were from England (Alessia Russo, Lauren Hemp and Lauren James). 

The rest of the top 10 was made up of players from Colombia (Linda Caicedo), Sweden (Amanda Ilestedt), Spain (Jennifer Hermoso), Germany (Alexandra Popp), Netherlands (Lieke Martens), Australia (Samantha Kerr) and France (Kadidiatou Diani).

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