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Meta has updated its Facebook marketing policy for gambling ads, with advertisers now set to require written permission from the social media giant.

According to reports, the company is now enforcing new rules that it introduced during the summer from August.

Advertisers who wish to feature ads that promote online gambling and gaming now need to request approval from Meta via a dedicated online form.

Requests must include evidence that the gambling activities are licensed by regulators or otherwise lawful in the geographic locations or territories that they target.

Additionally, Meta does not allow targeting for online gambling and gaming ads to people under the age of 18.

Meta defines online gambling and gaming as any product or service where anything of monetary value is included as part of a method of entry and prize.

The company highlights that monetary value includes but is not limited to cash or digital currencies like bitcoin.

Pre-approval is now required for advertisers promoting all forms of online gambling, including betting, lotteries, raffles, casino games, fantasy sports, bingo, poker, skill game tournaments and sweepstakes.

Moreover, the rule applies to games where anything of monetary value is included as part of a method of entry and anything of monetary value is included as part of the prize.

Ads with landing pages that contain promotions for online gambling or games, even if there is no opportunity to gamble or game directly on that page, such as aggregator or affiliate sites, will also need to request written permission from Meta.

The firm will grant approval for ads featuring specific URLs in approved territories.

“Having an ad account ID approved for one territory does not entitle advertisers to target another territory and advertisers must seek additional approval for any new territory they are seeking to target, or URL they are seeking to advertise,” the company emphasised.

Ads for physical, real money gambling activities or establishments, including “brick and mortar casinos”, certain prize promotions, state or government lotteries, as well as entirely free-to-play games, do not require a written permission from Meta.

Big tech has long had a difficult relationship with the gambling industry, which brings in important advertising revenue.

Last month, Apple rolled back new ad placement rules on the App Store following a backlash from app developers after gambling ads appeared on pages related to their products.

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