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The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has issued a reprimand to Mr Green for a violation of customer due diligence procedures relating to money laundering.

The indictment was issued because the Nordic operator allowed a young player to deposit around DKK325,000 (€43,665) in his gaming account over the course of a year, without carrying out sufficient checks to verify the source of the funds.

According to the regulator, Mr Green researched the customer’s earnings on the internet and determined that he could afford to deposit at such levels, despite the fact he had paid in more than what could be considered his disposable income.

The operator said it therefore took no further action to determine the origin of the funds, for example by examining the customer’s income level in greater detail.

Spillemyndigheden said its opinion is that Mr Green made an incorrect assessment of the customer’s employment and income situation, and should therefore have investigated the situation more thoroughly, because the research undertaken was not sufficient to dispel suspicions of money laundering.

The regulator noted that rules on customer due diligence procedures and gaming operators’ duty to investigate such cases are fundamental to its Money Laundering Act, and violation of those rules is the starting point for the issuing of injunctions, reprimands or in serious and repeated cases, police reporting.

The indictment does not require further action from Mr Green, as the operator has subsequently introduced new business procedures relating to customer due diligence.

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