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Today, we’re pleased to interview Christoffer Ødegården, head of the casino at Bojoko. He will share his insights on effective no-deposit bonus strategies for attracting Canadian players and making them convert.

In this discussion, he’ll highlight the scarcity of no-deposit offers in the Canadian market, the benefits for the operators who take advantage of this scarcity and the importance of a good customer retention strategy.

iGN: What makes no-deposit bonuses so attractive to Canadian players?

CØ: It is easy to see why Canadians get so excited about no-deposit bonuses. They are uniquely tempting as they allow players to explore a casino, make bets and possibly even win without the need to risk their own funds. This is an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the casino before making a financial commitment. 

There are thousands upon thousands of Canadians searching for no-deposit bonuses every single month. We get quite a bit of insight into the incredible level of interest from our no-deposit casino bonus page, where players can compare the sign-up offers and make their choice.

Regardless of how few offers are available, players keep looking for them. This demand for no-deposit bonuses is a consistent trend in the Canadian market, and casinos should take advantage of it.

iGN: Could you elaborate on how casinos can benefit from offering no-deposit bonuses?

CØ: We have done multiple studies on what kinds of bonus offers lead to increases in first-time depositing players, and no-deposit bonuses are always at the top of the list.

Even if a player does not make an immediate deposit upon signing up, this type of bonus creates a vital first touchpoint with potential players. With a good customer retention team, a solid portion of the new members will become regulars.

If you are a casino that wants to get noticed, adding a no-deposit offer will be a surefire way to garner an exceptional level of exposure. This is especially true when partnering with affiliate platforms like Bojoko.

Suddenly, your casino will be on the lists the previously mentioned thousands upon thousands of Canadians are going over monthly.

iGN: Why do you think some casinos hesitate to offer no deposit bonuses, and why should they reconsider?

CØ: The hesitation often stems from concerns about the financial impact. Understandably, casinos will worry about providing bonuses without guaranteed deposits.

There are clear risks to offering no-deposit bonus offers. Still, as long as you don’t just throw them away without a solid customer retention strategy, the upsides are significant, especially in the context of the Canadian market today.

The landscape has evolved, and there’s a notable scarcity of operators offering no-deposit bonuses today. This scarcity creates a unique opportunity for the few casinos that dare to provide them.

These casinos have a greater chance of attracting new players through this promotion than when the competition for no-deposit bonuses was fiercer. It’s a strategic move that can yield substantial benefits in the long run.

iGN: You have been stressing customer retention. What are the risks for casinos offering no-deposit bonuses without a customer retention strategy?

CØ: If a casino offers no-deposit bonuses without focusing on retaining the players, they are essentially throwing money out the window. Players need a reason to stay. There is so much choice out there. The general user will not remain loyal just because they got a small no-deposit bonus. They need something else that excites them and makes them want to stay.

There are many ways to incentivise players to become regulars, from recurring bonuses to personalised offers to tournaments and more creative options, such as gamification.

Having an attractive website with an extensive game library and easy navigation can also not be underestimated, and small things like having low minimum deposits and fast payouts, etc., can have a considerable impact. 

If you set out to attract players with no-deposit offers, ensure you have an experienced customer retention team in place and a clear plan for converting new members to regulars. A good customer retention strategy mitigates the risks associated with no-deposit bonuses, and you can look forward to building your player base at a high speed.