Norwegian Gaming Authority halts Kindred fine three weeks after reinstating it

The Norwegian Gambling Authority (NGA) has paused its €116,676 (NOK1.2m) compulsory daily fine against Kindred Group subsidiary Trannel International once again.

The decision is the latest development in an ongoing legal battle between Kindred and the Norwegian authorities, which began in 2019.

Back then, the NGA banned Trannel from providing its services to Norwegian customers, claiming that the operator’s offering violated the country’s strict monopoly model.

In October, however, the regulator said it it would not enforce the fine it had previously issued if Kindred agreed to meet a number of conditions.

These included removing its Norwegian-targeted iGaming websites and no longer targeting Norwegian customers.

Kindred, meanwhile, said it had stopped targeting Norwegian customers as “a sign of good faith” but would continue to keep its sites live and passively accept Norwegian players.

Kindred: “The Norwegian Government has however confirmed that it is entirely legal for Norwegian customers to use the company’s services.”

In November, the NGA reinstated the fine as it considered the changes made by Kindred to be insufficient.

A Kindred spokesperson told iGaming NEXT that the NGA has now decided to postpone its daily fines on Kindred “as it acknowledges that the company has adapted its operations in Norway according to the demands from the NGA”.

Kindred added that it has stopped its advertising and marketing activities in Norwegian and has changed the language on all sites from Norwegian to English, amongst other measures.

“The Norwegian Government has however confirmed that it is entirely legal for Norwegian customers to use the company’s services,” Kindred said.

According to Norwegian news site Kampanje, the NGA’s decision to pause the fine, effective 10 December, came after the regulator received new information provided by Trannel in a letter, in which the Kindred subsidiary had stated its intent to leave the Norwegian market.

The NGA said the fine has been halted until Trannel’s appeal against it has been decided upon.

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