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Operators in Ontario’s regulated online gambling market generated C$526m in revenue from C$13.9bn in wagers in Q4 of the 2022/23 fiscal year.

That gave the market a sequential growth rate of 13.6% in terms of revenue and 20.9% in terms of handle compared to fiscal Q3.

Since launch, the market’s average quarter-on-quarter growth rate has been 50.6% by revenue and 53.1% by handle.

The fastest growth period took place between Q2 and Q3 (June-September and October-December), as revenue leapt 74.7% and handle grew 90.4%.

Q4, for the three months ending 31 March 2023, saw operators in the province generate 3.2x more revenue than the market’s first quarter post-launch, as wagers increased by 3.4x.

As previously reported by iGaming NEXT, Q4’s performance brought total revenue for the market’s first year to C$1.4bn, as total wagers reached C$13.9bn.

Just over 1 million player accounts were active in Q4, out of the total 1.65 million that were active during the full year.

The average monthly spend per active player account was C$174 during the quarter, while the average across the full year was significantly lower at C$70.

In sports betting, basketball was the most popular sport in the market’s first year, accounting for 29% of all wagers.

Soccer came second, followed by American football and hockey, which contributed 15%, 13% and 9%, respectively, while baseball came in fifth place with 8% of wagers.

In online casino, 48% of handle came from slots, 32% from live table games and 19% from RNG-based table games.

Ontario’s first-year performance placed it firmly within the top five online gambling jurisdictions in North America by both handle and revenue.

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