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The Swedish Bingo Association (SBFO) violated local regulations last year due to a lack of responsible gambling information on a bingo website it operates, according to a new ruling from the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen). 

The regulator determined that the site (idrottensbingo.se) was missing information on deposit, loss and session time limits, as well as information and links on self-exclusion when viewed in logged-out mode.

The operator’s contact details including name, telephone number and email address were also found to be missing, indicating a further breach of Swedish gaming regulations.

SBFO made corrections in accordance with Spelinspektionen’s recommendations after the breach was identified, and the violations are not being regarded as serious by the regulator – but they are neither “minor or excusable” either. 

Given the unintentional nature of the offence, Spelinspektionen said that a caution was a sufficient intervention for the two infringements.

The reprimand is the result of an investigation into the site which began in September 2021, at which point the shortcomings were identified.

After being invited to provide an account of how it met the regulatory requirements, SBFO initially responded by showing that the necessary information was being made available to users, although only when viewed in logged-in mode.

In early November, SBFO responded again, stating that the required information had been added to the website and made visible, even after a customer had logged out.

Spelinspektionen determined that while the lack of responsible gambling information available in logged-out mode represented a more serious offence than the lack of available contact details, it was not intentional on the part of the licensee to not comply.

Further, the regulator did not identify any further systematic shortcomings in the area of responsible gambling with regards to SBFO.

The final decision was made by the regulator’s director general, Camilla Rosenberg.

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