Bet365 has diverted more resources to the US market by posting three new job roles in its New Jersey-based North American business.

Bet365 employees, including chief marketing operations officer Neil Fairweather, posted the roles on LinkedIn. Fairweather said the positions “will play a pivotal part in bet365’s US and North American expansion plans.” 

The three vacancies are for a business development manager, a marketing manager and a PR and outreach manager – all focused on bet365’s North American operations.

The roles

According to the job ads, the business development manager will be responsible for developing, on-boarding and appraising all of bet365’s new digital marketing partnerships across North America, while planning the brand’s digital growth in new and emerging markets.

The role will also be focused on supporting bet365’s launch into new states, the ad says, suggesting the operator could have its eye on expansion into several new US markets this year.

Meanwhile, a successful candidate for the marketing manager role will be responsible for developing and managing B2B commercial relationships on behalf of the performance marketing team, working closely with North American affiliate partners.

Finally, the PR and outreach manager role will be responsible for creating, coordinating and delivering large-scale PR outreach campaigns on behalf of bet365 – suggesting a strong push for brand awareness in the US may well be forthcoming. This role also covers the Mexican and Canadian markets.

Bet365 in the USA

Bet365’s seemingly slow-burn approach to opportunities in the US has long been a topic of discussion within the industry.

At present, the brand is licensed and available in just three states – New Jersey, Ohio and Colorado – and this month gained market access in Pennsylvania.

However, the brand remains a long way from becoming the household name it is in the UK and in other European markets.

There are several possible reasons for bet365’s reluctance to go all-in on the US from the outset.

Not least, the firm is privately owned, which means it does not have to take strategic decisions in line with investor sentiment or market pressure. Nor is it beholden to them over specific growth targets.

On the flip side, this also means any investment in the US must be made with the firm’s own capital, which could further explain its slow and steady approach while other firms have burned through hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing spend.

The brand’s product is regularly considered to be among the best – if not the best – in the sports betting industry, for example in product analysis research undertaken by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming.

The company would likely back itself in a ‘war of the products’ against its competitors, instead of engaging in a contest of ‘who can spend the most marketing dollars’. Flutter-owned FanDuel is the undisputed market leader at the present time, however, and has regularly topped the ranks of Eilers’ purely US-based sportsbook app testing. 

Bet365 is accepting applications for its new North American roles until 15 February.