Welcoming NFT Show Europe 2023, a ground-breaking convention hosting the major brands and leaders shaping the next phase of Web3. 

Set to take place in Valencia, Spain at the futuristic venue The City of Arts and Sciences on July 14-15.

This event features over 50 distinguished speakers and 20+ renowned artists. Including esteemed organizations such as Square Enix, Decentraland, UNICEF, Epic Games, MetaversX, Vogue Business, Activision Blizzard, Alpine, Animoca Brands, Orange, Lama Technology, Superchief Gallery NFT, fxhash and more.

This two-day event promises attendees a wealth of knowledge, insights, and opportunities to interact with industry pioneers among an experience submerged in the latest technological implications, digital art, and custom exhibitions with releasing NFT projects. 

A broad array of topics will be covered in over 30+ speeches and panels, such as:

Among the green stage sponsored by Decision, the innovative card game that merges NFTs, Battle for Crypto, Staking, Mining, DeFi, & GameFi:

The event will also debut multiple exclusive NFT projects and immersive art exhibitions, including a unique philanthropic project united with five legendary artists (Helena Sarín, A.L. Crego, James Patterson, Arsiliath, and Zancan). Amid the fires suffered recently in the Valencian forests, art emerges as an invaluable medium to explore the relationship between humanity, technology, and nature.

With more to be had, the first 50 VIP attendees of the event can look forward to acquiring “Erased” by the renowned local generative artist Pablo Alpe.
Positively challenging the price per value experience.

NFT Show Europe 2023 wouldn’t be complete without all the activities found. You can start preparing for:

Beyond added experiences like meet & greets, open beers by Metabrew the top web3 beer brand, gastronomic Xperiences for all to connect and more.

The event will culminate in a Closing Party sponsored by Lama Technology and Alpine NFT. More than just an event, this party aims to serve as a launchpad for new ideas, partnerships, and a vision of a digital future where sports, technology, and digital assets intersect.

Join us this summer at #NFTSE on July 14-15, as we collectively build the future and shape the next phase of digitalization. It’s more than an event – it’s the dawn of a new digital era.

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NFT Show Europe is one of the world leading events on web3, Blockchain, Metaverse and Digital Art. An international meeting point for experts to share their insights on the next era of the internet in a futuristic business-art atmosphere.

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Ibon Escalada

All hail “King Kenny”?

The Telegraph this week published a piece examining the possible triumphant return to the sector of former Entain (then GVC) boss Kenny Alexander.

As reported earlier this month, Alexander could be poised for a return to the public-facing gambling sector after he, together with a cabal of former Entain big hitters including Shay Segev, Stephen Morana and Lee Feldman, acquired a 6.6% stake in the William Hill owner 888.

The new shareholders are likely to take an activist approach with their stake in the operator, which has suffered from a lack of clear leadership since the departure of its former CEO Itai Pazner earlier this year.

The Telegraph’s piece opens with a veritable low point for Alexander, as it reminded us of the much-publicised mishap which saw him steal a takeaway kebab shop driver’s car after a drinking binge in 2021.

That, the piece points out, was far from the only controversy he courted during his career, as a grey market strategy at Entain has now resulted in a serious investigation into Entain’s activities in Turkey between 2011 and 2017.

Entain now expects the investigation to result in a “substantial financial penalty,” which analysts estimate could total around £230m.

Those controversies have raised eyebrows amid Alexander’s possible return to the sector via 888.

After facing initial resistance from the operator’s board, Alexander, Feldman and Morana now “appear to be closing in on taking the helm, according to City sources,” the Telegraph reported.

Lord Mendelsohn, the chair of 888’s board and the man tasked with steering the business in the absence of a permanent CEO, is understood to have flown to New York to meet with representatives of FS Gaming – the investment vehicle through which Alexander et al secured their shareholding – last week.

But with Alexander’s past still ringing in the industry’s ears, insiders are not overly pleased with the development.

“We’re trying hard to lift our image off the floor and then we get this,” said one senior industry source. “It’s like JR Ewing coming back to the ranch with a big grin and tearing down the wind turbine they’ve stuck on the roof.”

FS Gaming, meanwhile, clapped back by insisting that commentators should stick to the facts.

“Kenny Alexander is the best in the world at delivering outperformance for shareholders in the gambling industry,” the fund said.

If they’re right about that, 888’s competitors have good reason to be nervous about Alexander’s return.

You can bet on that?

This week on Betting in Poor Taste, investigative news organisation Mother Jones published a story on the bettors following the much-discussed disappearance of OceanGate’s Titan submersible, in which five people died last week.

According to the piece, users of crypto-based futures trading platform Polymarket wagered more than $300,000 since last Wednesday on whether the vessel would be found by 23 June.

Apparently, that prompted discussions online “about the ethics of profiteering from an event that was likely to turn out fatal.” Indeed.

“What stage of capitalism is investing in someone’s death?” asked one Twitter user while posting a screenshot of Polymarket’s spread on the submersible.

Others directly criticised the platform for opening up this particular market.

Polymarket offers users the chance to bet on almost anything, from whether Russia will detonate a nuclear bomb by 2023 to whether NBA player Zion Williamson’s former partner will release a sex tape.

But still, Mother Jones set out to find out exactly what kind of person would bet on such events.

Two of Polymarket’s users revealed to the outlet that their betting habits had started in more traditional ways, with bets on political events such as elections eventually leading to wagering on altogether more outlandish scenarios.

One of the sources bet that the sub would not be found, following expert analysis “indicating they were already dead.”

This rather pessimistic view chimes with his philosophy on betting overall, as he explained: “I think my ability to be dispassionate about the market’s topic is what makes me fairly successful at it.”

The same impartial approach to betting helped him to win big on Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, despite personally being an ardent and lifelong democrat.

Still, even if you think you can stack the odds in your favour by taking an analytical approach, the question remains: just because you can, does that mean you should?

The Crypto Kid

Dutch financial paper Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) this week took a deep dive (not an OceanGate pun) into the world of tech-savvy teenagers making a fortune from the opportunities they find – or create – online.

The article tells the story of Ronald (a pseudonym), a 2004-born “digital nerd” who started making serious money online after developing a tool designed to get shoppers to the front of the queue to purchase exclusive, highly limited items such as designer clothes and accessories.

He took the money he made from the project and started pouring it into the then-booming NFT market, where the high volatility saw him spend, earn (and essentially gamble) huge amounts of cash reaching well over one hundred thousand dollars.

“At the peak I had $150,000 when I was just 17,” he told FD, before the money began disappeaning “like snow in the sun when the NFT market collapse[d].”

Despite the staggering losses for a boy of his age, Ronald said: “I haven’t lost a second of sleep over it, just see it as a learning moment. 

“That’s also because I earned it with some kind of game. I had not spent hours filling shelves in the Albert Heijn [supermarket]. Then it would have been much worse.”

On the lookout for new opportunities to continue learning, Ronald was approached by an online friend with a proposal to set up a crypto casino.

He would be responsible for setting up the casino’s front-end, while his friend took care of the back-end nuts and bolts.

The brand launched the day before Ronald’s 18th birthday (makes you sick, doesn’t it?), but something in the project didn’t sit right with him.

Concerns around the morality of the project, as well as the sustainability of it, led Ronald to step away from the world of crypto gambling, allowing two Americans to take over the business for an acquisition cost of nil.

The brand has since “rolled off a cliff,” he said, but he isn’t overly concerned by it.

Ronald is now undertaking his studies at university, and will continue to explore his interest in the world of business once he’s finished.

Despite his youth, it seems Ronald is one kid with his head screwed on who appears to have what it takes to become a business leader of the future.

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NFT Show Europe is one of the world leading events on web3, Blockchain, Metaverse and Digital Art. An international meeting point for experts to share their insights on the next era of the internet in a futuristic business-art atmosphere.

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Jeffrey Haas, former senior vice president of international strategy at DraftKings, has been appointed chief revenue officer (CRO) of blockchain technology and media company owns and operates the NFT marketplace, which describes itself as the largest NFT marketplace in the world by daily transaction volume, with more than 50k sales per day and more than $500m in NFTs sold to date.

As’s first CRO, Haas is tasked with growing the business through strategic initiatives and partnerships, and said he expects the role to be “a fun, fascinating and educational ride”.

Haas left DraftKings in June after seven years with the company.

He had joined DraftKings in August 2015 in the role of chief international officer and remained in the position until May 2020 when he was promoted to SVP overseeing DraftKings’ international strategy.

From March 2021 until May 2022, Haas also served as sector specialist in gaming and crypto for Drive by DraftKings, a Boston-based multi-stage venture capital firm investing in SportsTech and entertainment.

Writing on LinkedIn, Haas said that earlier this year he met founders Jona Wilmsmann and Fabian Emilius who impressed him with “their product and technology acumen, sincerity and vision.”

“Their story is a rare European take on the Silicon Valley founder origin myth: two friends who dropped out of the Technical University of Munich to build something cool, which grew and grew and grew,” he said.

“A few years ago, they set out to build a blockchain game, but first needed to build an EOSIO smart contract for NFT marketplaces – so they had a foundation to build upon. CRO Jeffrey Haas: “Their story is a rare European take on the Silicon Valley founder origin myth: two friends who dropped out of the Technical University of Munich to build something cool, which grew and grew and grew.”

“They created AtomicAssets, an open source NFT standard, and then the AtomicMarket, a shared-liquidity NFT market smart contract.”

Since then, AtomicHub has processed more than $500m in NFT transactions.

This is the result of its focus on low-cost, high-volume game items, collectibles and creative arts NFTs that are used, collected and traded every day around the world, according to Haas.

Commenting on the future of the NFT industry, he said: “We are still at the beginning of a movement that will fundamentally change how games are played online,” and highlighted that “it’s a contrarian perspective for me to jump into an industry where media headlines two weeks ago shouted that NFT trading is reportedly down 99% (!!!) since May.

“Except … the media headlines are wrong. Or at least wrong when it comes to our business.”

Haas said he has done his homework and invested tremendous time, energy and other resources into the NFT community over the last five years – “mostly for intellectual reasons, to keep up with the cultural zeitgeist, and nominally for financial speculation.

“I had some LOLs, wins and losses along the way, but my best pick so far was connecting with,” he added.

In addition to his role at DraftKings, Haas got involved with crypto exchange CoinSmart, initially as a strategic adviser, from January 2019 until November 2021, when he was elected as a board member, a role he still holds.

Before joining DraftKings, He spent more than six years in various roles at PokerStars and digital entertainment.

Haas concluded: “I have spent the last month meeting stakeholders in our company and broader ecosystem. We are not just commiserating and toasting better days. We are speaking about vision, roadmap, underlying trends and actually looking at the data.”

Better Collective-owned Action Network has announced a new partnership with Web3 membership community Knights of Degen ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

Knights of Degen describes itself as “a Web3 membership community for sports fans building a new way to experience sports fandom in the metaverse, with a passionate community of sports fans, bettors and entrepreneurs.”

The brand launched a collection of 8,888 NFTs last year, offering owner benefits including access to professional athletes and experts both online and offline and exclusive sports and entertainment contests and events.

Knights of Degen was founded by a mix of Web3 entrepreneurs and traditional sports personalities, including NFL star Tiki Barber, analytics expert Cynthia Frelund, actor Jerry Ferrara, and entrepreneur Jared Augustine.

This new partnership with Action Network – the North American sports media brand acquired by Better Collective in 2021 – aims to bridge the gap between sports fans and Web3, the businesses said.

It marks the first partnership between Knights of Degen and a sports media entity, and will unlock unique access for sports betting communities, cross-collaboration content, and live events including an NFL Kick Off event.

Better Collective US SVP commercial Scott Miller: “Sports betting is filled with unique one-of-a-kind experiences (just like NFTs) and our entrance into Web3 only furthers our commitment to combining the worlds of sports media and technology.”

Owners of Knight NFTs will be provided with premium subscriptions to Action Network’s sports betting content and analytics for free, while the Action Network community will benefit from new Reddit-style ‘ask-me-anything’ sessions (AMAs) with athletes, as well as contests and educational onboarding in the NFT space.

“Our partnership with the Knights of Degen will provide their community with direct access to Action’s best experts and serve as a bridge between the sports betting and NFT communities,” said Scott Miller, SVP commercial for Better Collective US.

“Sports betting is filled with unique one-of-a-kind experiences (just like NFTs) and our entrance into Web3 only furthers our commitment to combining the worlds of sports media and technology.”

Tiki Barber, former NFL running back for the New York Giants, added: “At the core of Knights of Degen, it’s about hanging out on Sundays with your friends talking about your action on the game or fantasy scores.

“We think Action Network is the perfect partner to provide great value and service to our community, and we believe KOD is the perfect entrance for traditional sports fans into Web3.”

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) and Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) have taken enforcement action against a firm selling NFTs to fund the development of virtual casinos in the metaverse.

Martin Schwarzberger and Finn Ruben Warnke, founders of the Sands Vegas Casino Club (SVCC – not associated with land-based casino operator Las Vegas Sands) are accused of illegally offering NFTs in Texas and Alabama, in what the TSSB described as “a high-tech fraudulent investment scheme”.

The TSSB has issued the duo with an emergency cease and desist order.

SVCC is offering 11,111 Gambler NFTs and 1,111 Golden Gambler NFTs for sale. According to the firm’s website, the proceeds from these will be used to fund the creation of one of the largest online casinos in the Sandbox and Decentraland metaverse, among others, as well as the creation of a cryptocurrency-led online casino.

TSSB enforcement director Joe Rotunda: “Bad actors are now leveraging interest in these opportunities and products. Virtual reality can leave you virtually broke.”

Prices for the NFTs vary between 0.23 Ether (around $700) and 777.77 Ether ($2.4m), according to the TSSB.

SVCC’s marketing materials claim that every Gambler NFT holder will automatically be entered into a profit-share programme, which will see 50% of the virtual casino’s profits distributed among holders of the digital assets.

The set-up could earn NFT holders as much as $6,750 per NFT per month, according to the SVCC, which is targeting potential buyers through a digital marketing campaign.

According to the TSSB, SVCC has falsely claimed that the NFTs are not regulated as securities in Texas, and is also misleading purchasers by claiming they can avoid securities regulation by “implementing illusory features or using different terminology.”

Gamblers, acting through avatars, can enter metaverse casinos and play poker and other real-gambling games using cryptocurrencies.

The TSSB said purchasers of the Gambler NFTs were told they would profit from these metaverse casino operations.

By entering into the agreement via NFT purchase, they would become part-owners in the casinos, but also share in the profits generated from gambling and from the sale of digital assets representing virtual drinks and cigarettes.

TSSB enforcement director Joe Rotunda said: “The metaverse provides brands with new commercial opportunities, and many investors are now considering the latest high-tech products.

“However, bad actors are now leveraging interest in these opportunities and products. Virtual reality can leave you virtually broke.

“Purchasers of any investment – from the traditional stocks and equities to the latest product – need to consider all factors, not just marketing campaigns designed to recruit purchasers,” he added. 

Rotunda has served in the role since 2007 and is a former Travis County assistant district attorney.