Betsson Group has introduced its flagship brand, Betsson, in Denmark.

This move involves rebranding the previous domain, which will now operate under the Betsson name.

Betsson stated that the launch in Denmark underscores the group’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the Betsson brand as a prominent global entity and expanding its geographical presence, resulting in advantages across various marketing initiatives and worldwide sponsorships.

Betsson CCO Ronni Hartvig commented: “Denmark has always been an important market for us. By consolidating our operations under the unified Betsson brand, we aim to harness the power of consistency, scalability, and synergy.

“This rebranding approach empowers us to further optimise resources, cultivate a cohesive brand identity, and extend positive impact through diverse marketing initiatives and global partnerships”.

The Denmark launch comes just a few days after Betsson unveiled a global marketing concept titled “A Bet Makes the Difference.”

In Q2 2023, Betsson generated nearly 22% of its total revenue of €236.8m in the Nordics.

While Betsson doesn’t disclose country-specific figures, it did mention that Denmark achieved “all-time high revenue” in Q2, driven by “growth in both the sportsbook and casino products”.

Notably, Betsson’s total casino revenue surged by 35% to a record of €165.1m, while sportsbook revenue increased by 13% to €69.5m.

Betsson also operates in Denmark through its NordicBet brand.

iGaming NEXT has caught up with Betsson CCO Ronni Hartvig to discuss the operator’s recent shirt sponsorship deal with Boca Juniors, one of Argentina’s most prominent football clubs.

The specific financial terms of the partnership were not publicly disclosed, but according to local media reports, it is estimated to have a value of around $7.5m.

iGaming NEXT: This substantial investment raises the question: What are your expectations and objectives for this partnership?

Ronni Hartvig: The commercial value of being associated with such a renowned club is undeniable. Boca Juniors never had a gaming sponsor before, making this deal unique.

The club boasts a massive fanbase and an extensive presence on various social media platforms, with over 25 million followers across different channels. Its popularity extends well beyond Argentina and into Latin America in general.

Besides, Boca Juniors is one of the most iconic football clubs globally, so this partnership even offers the opportunity to promote our brand globally.  

Just to give you one example. We kicked off our partnership by sponsoring the farewell match for Boca midfield maestro Juan Román Riquelme, where Lionel Messi was also present.

Messi shared a picture of Riquelme wearing the shirt with the Betsson logo on his Instagram, which has around 477 million followers.

This has provided us with an incredible marketing opportunity and placed our brand in the spotlight.

iGN: Could you elaborate on Betsson’s marketing and expansion strategy in Argentina?

RH: We have been strategically focused on expanding our presence in the Latin American region for some time now, and Argentina was a key target.

We believe in localisation and building trust by associating with recognised brands or ambassadors. However, instead of immediately investing significant sums in sport sponsorships and marketing assets upon entering a new market, we prefer a conservative approach.

We first invest in affiliation and other digital channels to better understand customer behaviour, lifetime value, and cost per acquisition. Once the foundation is established, larger investments, including television advertisements, are made.

In Argentina we adopted a similar strategy, gradually building our team and gaining the trust of the local market. The partnership with Boca Juniors aligns with this growth strategy and offers a platform for expanding brand recognition and trust in the region.

We are aware of the evolving landscape of sport sponsorships in some markets. It is a topic that occupies a significant portion of our discussions and planning.
Betsson CCO Ronni Hartvig

iGN: With three licences in Argentina, are you planning to add more?

RH: Argentina is regulating region by region. We obviously look at the different regions, however, we carefully evaluate the expansion process in each regulated region, considering factors such as market size and requirements for licence applications.

Some regions are small, and if they have different requirements for applications, it becomes a lot of work to prepare for a new licence.

Our focus is to understand each regulated region and tailor our strategy accordingly. We look at every region in this way and Latin America is one of them.

iGN: Considering the increasing restrictions on sport sponsorships in some markets, is expanding into geographies where such marketing placements are still possible part of Betsson’s strategy?

RH: We are aware of the evolving landscape of sport sponsorships in some markets. It is a topic that occupies a significant portion of our discussions and planning.

The Boca Juniors sponsorship, in particular, offers us a unique advantage as it provides a global reach. For instance, when the news of the partnership spread in Argentina, it also caught the attention of audiences in other countries, such as Greece, where we have an established presence.

The ability to generate brand exposure and engagement across regions through a single partnership is a valuable asset, and we will continue exploring similar opportunities to enhance our global reach.

iGN: Besides Latin America, what other markets are currently high on your agenda?

RH: In Europe, many markets are regulated and face marketing restrictions. However, even some of the larger regulated markets in Europe, like Spain and Greece, are still growing despite these restrictions. The barriers to entry are relatively high but if you’re already established in those markets, there are still opportunities for growth.

I also believe Africa is a continent that everyone should pay attention to. While it may not be receiving much attention now, I think in three to five years, the situation will be very different.

We have a long-term strategy for Africa. Currently, we are present in Nigeria and have some experience in other African countries like Kenya. Expanding in Africa requires dedicated efforts in product development, marketing, and customer acquisition.

Our expansion plans for the continent are cautious and focused on the long-term, but the opportunities are certainly exciting.

NordicBet has launched a new communication concept and brand identity, which marks the first example of work created by Betsson’s international design and creative hub that will streamline and scale the operator’s creative output.

The concept, called “makes sports bigger”, aims to strengthen the brand’s position in the Nordics, not only by showing its passion for sport, but also by representing the supporters’ passion for sport in a unique way.

“With our new international design hub we will be able to leverage marketing campaigns across brands and markets, creating synergies and efficiencies across the group,” said Betsson CCO Ronni Hartvig.

“The Nordics are first out with this kind of collaboration and other markets will follow,” he added.

NordicBet was one of the first sports betting brands in the Nordics to offer bets beyond the top-tier leagues.

Betsson CCO Ronni Hartvig: “With our new international design hub we will be able to leverage marketing campaigns across brands and markets, creating synergies and efficiencies across the group.”

The brand is now taking new steps to further strengthen its identity with a more cross-market approach.

Director of brand and creative Kay Hook commented: “Like the soccer player, the hockey player or the handball player, many of the supporters and fans have their own routines, or even rituals, which they believe they must do to support their team.

“It can be wearing the team’s shirt, putting on lucky socks or having the same match day routines; all to support their team and doing whatever it takes to win.

“That perception is the starting point for NordicBet’s new campaign. But we have taken this a little further, adding true feelings, sometimes uncommon rituals and friendships, that makes sports bigger,” he added.

The concept is launched, among other things, with a new TV commercial and has been developed in collaboration with advertising agency Hong Kong.

Award-winning Danish director Jeppe Rønde, known for the film Almost Human with Stephen Fry, and production company Bacon, have also been involved in NordicBet’s new TV commercial.