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Presentation. The Winners Won't Wait - Adapt or Die!

Simon Lidzén
Co-Founder and CEO

Business Day

Fireside Chat. Where things are going tomorrow and beyond

Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director
Todd Haushalter
Chief Product Officer

Panel Discussion. A day in the life of the CEO

David Flynn
Tsachi Maimon
Robert Andersson

Presentation. The Winners Won't Wait - Adapt or Die!

Simon Lidzén
Co-Founder and CEO

Fireside chat. Forget gambling - learn entertainment. Or how to compete with Netflix and Amazon?

Jesper Kärrbrink
Dylan Slaney
SVP Casino, Platform & iLottery

Presentation. Malta - Home of the iGaming Industry

Clayton Bartolo
Junior Minister for Financial Services and Digital Economy

Meet iGaming NEXT's new shareholders!

Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director
Lahcene Merzoug
Robin Eirik Reed
Investor, Chair and CEO within Digital Entertainment, iGaming and Sports
Tim Heath

NEXT Insight. Using Bitcoin to run your online gambling business

Calvin Ayre
Venture Capitalist

Panel discussion. How can Blockchain entice the iGaming industry?

Jimmy Nguyen
Founding President
Matthew Dickson
Co-founder, CEO
Phillip Runyan
Founder & CEO

Fireside chat. Turning ideas into a product

Blaine Graboyes
Co-Founder and CEO
Mats Westerlund
Founder & CEO, Indie Consulting

Presentation. Disruption is the new normal – gaining a tech advantage in challenging times

Karl Davies-Barrett
WW Snr Cloud Solution Architect

Investors panel. The best deals and biggest fails in iGaming

Lahcene Merzoug
Georg Westin
Andrew Burnett

Interview. Pandemic proof investments - Emerging market trends!

Rebecca Liggero Fontana
Lead reporter
Jason Ader
Co-Founder and CEO

Marketing Day

Welcoming Speech

Ivan Filletti
Chief Operations Officer

Fireside Chat. What Relationship Marketing Can Do for You?

Rebecca Liggero Fontana
Lead reporter
Rahul Sood
Co-founder, Creator of Microsoft Ventures

Presentation. Data and insights to drive player engagement

Dylan Slaney
SVP Casino, Platform & iLottery

Panel discussion. How to Attract and Retain Millennials?

Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director
Mikael Hansson
Founder and CEO
Jesper Svensson
Gavin Hamilton

Presentation. Intelligent Marketing: How to target the right players with the right message at the right time.

Ekaterina Rusakovich
Business Development Director, Salesforce Services
Alexandru Ursu
Digital Marketing Specialist

Debates. Radical Innovation is dead, long live incremental innovation?

Sam Brown
Nick Garner
Robin Eirik Reed
Investor, Chair and CEO within Digital Entertainment, iGaming and Sports

Presentation. Player Engagement in the context of Responsible Gambling

Presentation. The time is now: How to use online activity surge for digital branding purposes

Peter Ekmark
Chief Executive Officer

Fireside chat. Search trends for post-COVID-19 recovery

Fredrik Brannlund
Co-Founder, Director
Mattias Bergehed
Co-founder, CEO

Presentation. BetConstruct: Intelligent Ways to Integrate AI into iGaming

Zabella Demirtshyan
B2B Marketing Manager

Fireside chat. The Future of SEO

Marcus Tandler
Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist
Bob Rains
Ex CBS Ex PUMA - SEO Executive, Brand Marketer, Growth Marketing Strategist

HR Day

Welcoming Speech

Heidi Lofthus
HR Professional & HR Connect Ambassador

Keynote speech. Optimize communication in your workplace

Alexander Grabner-Jarlung
TED Speaking Coach, Director, Partner Consultant & PowerPoint Specialist

NEXT Insight. Why iGaming?

Enrico Bradamante

Panel Discussion. Handling your remote, cross-cultural team

Marie Louise Theobald
Tinatin Bonney
Head of HR Latvia, Romania, Malta, Belgium, Spain & Engineering Hubs
Mikael Ångman
Chief HR Officer (interim)

Lightning talk. RecoverMe - the first mHealth app to better manage a gambling addiction from your pocket

Minal Jain
Junior Doctor and Co-Founder

Panel discussion. COVID-19 Business Travel Policies activated!

Shona ODonnell
Head of strategic events
Laura Probert
Incoming CPO
Alexia Frendo

Succeeding in remote onboarding

Lena Nordin
Chief HR Officer
Scott Dodson

Leadership in an Era of Ambiguity

Samuel H. Liggero Ph.D.
Academic Director Online MSEM Program, and Professor of the Practice

Fireside chat: My best tools to optimise remote HR work!

Fiona Ewins Brown
Lisette Sutherland
Author, Speaker, Remote-working champion, Director at Collaboration Superpowers